In a time when society can feel so divided and social isolation is affecting 1 in 3 of us, we feel tackling plastic waste is an amazing opportunity for everyone to work together, with a shared sense of purpose.

Research by Sky Ocean Rescue shows that 87% of Brits are concerned by the UK’s use of plastics. So many of us are aware of the devastating impact plastic waste is having right now on our health and natural environment, especially when it’s not recycled. Councils aren’t able to recycle all types of plastic. In the UK two thirds goes to landfill where it takes 500 years or more to degrade and along the way 12 million tonnes ends up in our oceans. We want to channel this collective energy towards a community up-cycling system by providing lots of different ways for people to get involved with re-using our plastic waste. 

We are designing sociable, inclusive and practical activities around the whole process;

from collecting plastic waste; cleaning and sorting; all the way through to actually designing and making new, useful products from plastic waste. As we run and organise activities we'll aim to help build meaningful new connections across the community.