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Art Installations

Planning an event or festival and looking for some colourful, sustainable ways to make a big impact? Or maybe you want to set up something inspiring and thought provoking in a town centre or community space.


As a durable, lightweight and colourful material, plastic waste is amazing to use for public art installations, sharing a powerful message. It’s also a great project for communities to work together on. With the Plastic Shed team's experience in working closely with communities, we love to find ways to get the community involved in our art installation projects. From collecting the plastic we need through to taking part in one of our creative workshops, it’s an empowering opportunity to contribute to an up-cycled work of art!


Whether you’ve got an idea ready to go or need some help working out how to incorporate plastic waste into a theme, we are always up for a creative collaboration and more than happy to lead a project too. With a degree in Interactive Art, Caitlin brings her incredible talent and experience in designing, planning and building art installations, working with plastic waste. Take a look at our past projects below.


Manchester International Festival

Banners made from recycled vinyl banners

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Lumiere Festival

A community art work made from plastic waste