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We run workshops with community groups, schools, businesses, private groups and more to help inspire creative, practical and resourceful ways to act on the problem of plastic waste. 

We offer a wide range of workshops, from plant pots made from recycled vinyl, to creating posters showcasing eco messages and any type of scene you can image, out of plastic bags.

We are always coming up with more fun ways to turn waste into beautiful things and are always open to new ideas. Got an idea that you don't see here? Send us an email!

We can tailor our workshops to fit with your projects. Whether you're keen to learn more about how to use plastic waste as a material; have some things in mind that you want to make from plastic waste or feel the need to get creative as a group and want a sustainable theme... we would love to hear more and chat about what could work best for you.

For a basic list of the workshops we run press here

Email to book a workshop

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