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Interested in getting involved with us here at Plastic Shed? We would love that!

There are so many different ways people can get involved -

  • Collect and donate your plastic waste (please check what we accept first here)

  • Start up a collection point for your neighbours, family, building etc to collect and donate even more plastic.

  • Helping us sort through the amazing amount of donations we get, sorting plastic into their numbers and colours, then shredding them ready to be used.

  • Help us run our workshops, learning all about different ways to reuse plastic whilst meeting new plastic enthusiasts along the way.

  • Come along to our community meetings to share your ideas, thoughts or concerns, we love hearing from our community!

  • Help us design and create new workshops and products out of plastic waste.

  • Become a member 

Want to volunteer on a regular weekly basis, or simply get involved in a project when it catches your eye? We would love to hear from you!

Email -

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