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"Working with Plastic Shed was an absolute pleasure. Rachel was incredibly organised in the run up to our all Company volunteering day and I had complete trust in her delivery of the activities including an education plastic transformation workshop. I would highly recommend any business work with Plastic Shed if they are keen to help their employees engage with environmental issues and the plastic waste problem." 

Folusho, Corporate Communications Manager - Pernod Ricard UK

As a team ourself, we know how important it is to take care of morale. "The ideal team for any business is motivated and cohesive. Yet, no matter how much that may be true overall, there will be days when teams feel less enthusiastic or bogged down by their workload. It’s important to note whenever this happens and present solutions. Sometimes all it may take is a break from the norm." - Forbes Coaches Council


Our workshops offer a great chance for teams to reconnect whilst doing something good for the community and the environment. It's an opportunity for people to work together in new ways, whilst stimulating their creativity. 

Here are a few ideas of how a workshop could work for you and your team:

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