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"Working with Plastic Shed was an absolute pleasure. Rachel was incredibly organised in the run up to our all Company volunteering day and I had complete trust in her delivery of the activities including an education plastic transformation workshop. I would highly recommend any business work with Plastic Shed if they are keen to help their employees engage with environmental issues and the plastic waste problem." ~ Folusho, Corporate Communications Manager - Pernod Ricard UK

We believe that by working together as a community to reuse plastic waste for our own benefit we become better connected, happier, healthier and stronger. ​We're keen to work with businesses who value having a strong connection with their local community and who want to help keep the area clean and green. 

As well as feeling a bit more connected to your community our volunteer days are also a nice opportunity for staff to get outdoors, get creative and work together on a new challenge. 

We can tailor volunteer days to suit specific staff needs and abilities. Ultimately we'll be covering the whole recycling or up-cycling process in a day: collecting plastic waste, cleaning and sorting it and turning it into something new. We find a local charity or community group that we can work with for the day, who will benefit from the new items and even join in with the process (or at least join us for lunch!) 

You can read about our recent volunteer day with Pernod Ricard here


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