Follow our video tutorial below or download the PDF!

Download and print our tutorial for your neighbour if they can't access the internet

Download and print our template,

or use the measurements to draw your own

 What you'll need:

* Sheet of cardboard (to protect your table from the iron)

* Iron

* Baking paper

* Scissors

* Pen

* Our template (see above )

* Stapler

*Lots of soft stretchy plastic packaging and bags (LDPE / Type 4).



As always please be careful with the hot iron, hot plastic, scissors and stapler. Any young children will need help from an adult to make this one. It's best to use the iron cautiously at first and then once you see how it melts the plastic you can work out how long to iron for each time. Send us a message if you're unsure! All plastic and hands will need a good wash before you start!


Oh and save any leftover bits of plastic from this for future projects!