1. We aim to provide as many opportunities as possible for people in Stockport to get involved with turning plastic waste into new things for themselves or the wider community. That includes:​​​​

    • Collecting plastic ​waste

    • Cleaning and sorting it

    • Designing and creating something new out of it

  2. We make sure the activities are sociable and practical and suit a range of abilities and time commitments. 

  3. We also run creative, practical and educational workshops for schools, businesses and other private groups.


Plastic is an amazing material 

so by reducing the amount we waste and reusing it for our own benefit we can help create a more sustainable, greener and cleaner society.

By working together to reuse plastic locally we become better connected, happier, healthier and more resilient. 

And by designing and creating loads of opportunities for people to work together on this shared issue we can help to reduce community division and social isolation